Amber Colloidal Silver - Our most potent solution

This is our premium product range and is true Colloidal Silver. This solution has been produced in a two stage manufacturing process from 20ppm silver to produce an Amber 80% plus colloidal solution. This Amber solution has larger, visible particles, approximately 100 times the size of our 10ppm and 20ppm Ionic silver ions, these larger particles are more resilient to acidic environments.

Premium quality Amber Silver is used in the manufacture of our EU compliant Creams, Gels and Lotions.

Amber Colloidal Silver contain only 99.99% silver, purified water and one other ingredient maltodextrin. Our maltodextrin is organic, NON GMO food grade and meets the strict standards of USDA's National Organic Program. By using the highest quality organic and Non-GMO whole grains to ensure quality, performance and integrity. Further manufacturing and the use of natyral enzymatic processes result in maltodextrins that have a minimum of processing while maximising functionality and performance.

Rice maltodextrins are gaining popularity for their recognised benefits of being hypoallergenic, providing fat mimicking effects in low DE products and offer the low moisture needed for use in nutraceutical and probiotic applications.

Whilst we are pleased to be incorporating such a fine ingredient we only use a very small quantity. The maximum amount used by volume is 0.01% diluted - this means that he undiluted amount used by voume would be approximately 0.0001%.

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