Alfie’s Sarcoids

During the spring of this year my horse Alfie had a small lesion on the back of his hock. Despite using various creams it started to spread. Within 2 weeks it had trebled in size and virtually covered the point of his hock with thick scabs.

It became pointless continuing with any topical medication as the scabs were so thick so over several days we soaked the area and gently removed the scabs. What lay underneath was a red angry lesion of proud flesh. Three different vets looked at it and all diagnosed something different. Sarcoid, tumour and ‘no idea’. They all suggested different approaches, biopsy, removal or steroids.

By this time the weather was starting to warm up and I certainly was not in favour of hacking into the lump especially as we were advised that this action could actually make things worse. So we decided to try steroidal cream which seemed to stop it spreading but did not help to heal it.

To make matters worse, a couple of weeks later, we noticed a small area under his feathers that looked like mud fever. Nothing major but we treated it accordingly. Within days it spread and covered all of his ergots and down the back of his pasterns. Then his chestnuts started to shed, normal we thought but then they started to bleed, grow a little and then shed again.

Back to the drawing board, we went through everything. Could it be diet, environment, auto-immune, allergy etc etc. During the 9 years that Alfie has been with us he has never had a sick day or skin condition, he is now sixteen but fit and healthy in every other way.

To cut an already long story short, a friend told us about colloidal silver. I did a bit of research and came upon Optimised Energetics. I ordered a pot of their Equine 35 gel and we began applying it to Alfie’s affected areas.

Within a week the difference was amazing, every area calmed down and we began to see a healing process. I had a chat with Michael Hayward at Optimised Energetics and he was so supportive. He suggested using the oral version of Equine 35 in conjunction with the gel.

All I can say is I wish I had more ‘before’ photos to share with you, those I have taken do not give credit to the amazing results and the journey to healing we have seen. Within six weeks his chestnuts are just about healed. His lesion on his hock is so much better as are his ergots, we are hopeful that these areas will be resolved in another 2-3 weeks. This was a chronic condition which was pretty scary and I am so relieved to find a product that actually worked.

Thank you to everyone at Optimised Energetics for the wonderful product and great service.