About Optimised Energetics

Hello and Welcome to our website!

We are a small, home grown, family run business founded on good intentions and the belief that the best way to garantee great work is to love what you do, as if anything is worth doing, you should commit fully and persue with all your heart. We are self motivated in our work - driven by desire and dedication to improve our customers quality of life through our formulation and provision of innovative and (more importantly) effective products. Our beliefs hold education and origionality as cornerstones of our practice to ensure that we meet the health requirements of you, our customer.

Consequently no corneres are cut in the formulation of our products which are lovingly hand made at our purpose built manufactuting unit, where we use medical grade equiptment and strict procedures
that ensure a well regulated and consistent ionic and colloidal solution - the quality of which is reflected in our customer reviews and testimonials. We pride ourselves in the knowladge that all products produced by Optimised Energetics are well researched and we are commited to staying at the forefront of our field. It is primarily for this reason we are able to say that currently, we as a brand are are providers of the finest quality collodial silver products that work with the body to help fight disease, accellerate healing and encorage optimum health. We have the widest range of formulations with 10, 20 and true 80% collodial silver soloutions. we also produce our own effective, non sticky soothing lotions, balms and salves (some of which contain moisturising organic coconut or bergamot oils!)

Our commitment to our customers and practitioners is unconditional and we strive to make your experience of buying from us as high quality as the products you will receive.
Thanks to the support and loyalty of our customers confidence in us as a brand our buisness has been allowed to grow. We are producing new product ranges approximatly every three months. We are extatic to reveal that in the up and coming year we will be releasing a shampoo, body wash and foot and nail care range - all of which have been over 18 months in the making.

Thankyou for chosing to explore our site and we urge you uncover natures greatest secret collodial silver - after all, we think its a secret worth sharing!
Please try our products and feel the difference for yourselves.

Shelley & Michael

Optimised Energetics