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If you search the internet for information on Colloidal Silver, sooner or later you will come across "The Blue Man", Paul Karason.  He was given this name by the news media for obvious reasons; see the picture on the left.  They claimed that he was taking Colloidal Silver in order to scare the public away from using it, however the disinformation is rumoured to have been produced by a PR firm paid for by big pharma.

They claimed that his condition was caused by taking Colloidal Silver, however this is a misrepresentation.  His condition was caused by Argyria, a condition that turns the skin a blue-grey colour.  However, what they didn't state was that Paul was making his own version of colloidal silver and dealt himself a self inflicted wound by adding salt to his distilled water as a catalyst to reduce the production time of his homemade silver solution. 

He was unaware that salt or any other additives should be incorporated into the "electrolysis" process. Adding salt shortens the time to create silver solution, however, unwittingly he actually created a completely different compound called silver chloride. 

This silver compound, when taken in very large quantities has been shown to cause a harmless skin discoloration condition called "Argyria."  Paul's condition is the result of years of ingesting extremely high doses of silver chloride and was not an overnight transformation.

Silver chloride is in no way the same as pure colloidal/ionic silver based on a distilled water suspension.

Considering the facts and details surrounding Paul Karason's unfortunate situation, it should be known that no cases of Argyria have ever been linked to properly produced colloidal/ionic silver