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Colloidal Silver Treatments for Horses

‘Safe effective solutions for your horse and pony’

At Optimised Energetics, we are passionate about treating Horses and Ponies with all-natural products alongside good veterinarian care. Our exclusive selection of products with colloidal silver for horses includes gels, sprays, and solutions. You can use colloidal silver for horses for a range of conditions.

How it Works

Similar to the effects of colloidal silver to the human body, our pet solutions restore the health of your horse and prevent the spread of opportunistic diseases.

As colloidal silver is a negatively charged element, it affects positively charged, single-cell microbes. It inhibits the essential functions of these microorganisms and its ability to benefit from the enzymes and oxygen of their hosts to thrive and multiply.

What makes colloidal silver unique is that it does not affect good bacteria nor interfere with the other bodily functions, resulting in minimal side effects that your may be experienced with regular medications.

Our colloidal silver spray contains 85% ionic silver. It is best for topical uses, such as treating cuts and grazes. Our bottled and gel colloidal silver for horses have 80%+ true colloidal amber formulas, making them very effective for treating a wide range of different conditions.

To treat gastric ulcers and other health conditions, consider giving your horse an oral administration of Equine 35 colloidal silver. According to research, 50 per cent of horses experience gastric ulcer. The condition is especially common among competition horses.

To learn more about our products, contact us at 01892 457360 or send an email to admin@colloidalsilverplus.co.uk. We will help you find effective treatments for the condition of your horse to restore their health and improve their performance.