How Colloidal Silver Works

Unlike other pet products, colloidal silver is a negatively charged solution, making it effective in treating various problems. As it interacts with positively charged single-cell microorganisms, it disrupts the functions of these microbes. Colloidal silver for pets stops these microorganisms from receiving enzymes and oxygen, killing them effectively. Unlike other pet products, colloidal silver does not affect good bacteria nor interfere with other body processes, limiting any side effects your pet may experience from other medications. Furthermore, some specialists say that Kupfer cells in the liver store silver ions, allowing the body to fight off opportunistic microorganisms and infections.

USES: In pets, especially cats and dogs, colloidal silver is useful in helping treat inflammation, wounds, fever, eye infections, burns, ringworms, parasites, digestive disorders and yeast infections. Furthermore, you can use colloidal silver for pets to improve their gum health. You can also use it to wash their eyes and ears.

NB: We encourage the use of all-natural products for beloved pets and the observance of good veterinarian care. Our extensive range of colloidal silver gels, solutions and sprays are effective for different conditions.

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We have the widest range of formulations with 10ppm, 20ppm and True 80% Colloidal Silver Solutions. We also stock an exciting and varied range of our own unique Non-Sticky and Soothing Lotions, Balms, Salves, Shampoos, Deodorants and creams.

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customer testimonials

  • "I suffer from a small facial but persistent eczema below my right eye. Having had an amazing success with other products from this range, I tried the Silver Balm. With just one small dab of the balm and the problem disappeared, not to return for three months to date. I recommend the Silver balm in the highest terms possible."

  • "Colloidial Silver is an amazing natural treatment and what Optimised Energitics have done to create such a lovely everyday product is awesome. I use it for all sorts of skin conditions on my face and body and it really does clear almost anything up. I would 100% recommend this product for an alternative better product to over the counter medicines."

  • "I suffer from Lichen sclerosus (a very itchy skin condition) and I discovered this gel a couple of years ago. It was a life saver itching was reduced and redness also I had my first good nights sleep in ages. Recently bought it with coconut oil and also bergamot . Very hard to believe but it is even better than the original Full marks to the team."

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