The Fourth Phase of Water - What You Don’t Know About Water, and Really Should

Amazing facts from the British health service on how drinking water can assist in preventing illness. These facts are astounding. Imagine what drinking hydrogen rich antioxidant could do for your wellness.
We take water for granted. Water is mysterious, we thought we knew all about it, but it continues to baffle and amaze, water really is a medicine, Water and a positive mindset can rekindle our inner pharmacy to assist in healing.

Scientists have discovered that water has a molecular structure which can be programmed to improve its health giving properties. This is important because we are 70% water. Join the initiative FREE and restructure your water now for a better wellbeing FREE.
Most of us dont drink enough water and are in a constant state of dehydration but don't realise it. Dehydration causes illness. Hydrogen Rich Water is a potent anti-oxidant.
We all know that water is good to hydrate our body but its not commonly known how powerful it can be as a means of preventing illness. If water is good, then Hydrogen Rich Water is better.
Its accepted that our modern lifestyle is bad for our health and is contributing to our collective decline. We can help ourselves, the most natural way, drink water in fact drink Hydrogen Rich Water.

Spiritual Science of Water
Demonstration of how the ZPE Water Flask, ZPE Journey Bottle, ZPE Water Stick can greatly enhance your water
Alkaline water